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Weer on Demand is founded by Laura van der Blij, an experienced Meteorologist . Weer on Demand provides weather forecast and advice “On Demand”.

Weer on Demand provides the customers more certainty of the weather conditions. And supplies a customized weather forecast for a specific location or circumstance.

Nowadays you there are heaps of (free) apps and websites providing weather forecasts. These apps and sites don’t always give the same weather forecast. The forecast depends on the weather model they use and if a meteorologist is involved. A professional meteorologist analyses the weather and the different weather models and takes the defects of the weather models into account giving you a more certain weather forecast.

A Professional Meteorologists usually studies Physics and then specializes in Meteorology.
Laura van der Blij is specialized in Meteorology, Physical Oceanography and Climate. This provides the right background to understand how weather models work and what the strengths and defects of the weather models are. Experience is also an important factor in making a high quality weather forecast. Laura has over 6 years of experience at KNMI, the Dutch Meteorological Agency of the Government, making weather forecasts for the Dutch Caribbean, Netherlands and the North Sea. She has experience in the Nautical, Aviation, Safety and Media Meteorology.

Weer on Demand is registered with the Chamber of Commerce with number 81958560.

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